Best Penis Pumps – Before and After Results Revealed

Article by Dr. Curtis Schechter

“Even decently endowed men secretly dream of making their manhood even bigger. Otherwise, why would penis enlargement pumps be so popular today? A Bathmate  hydro-pump allows the user to make his penis several inches long without a lot of effort. More often than not, such devices are applied as part of a comprehensive penis enlargement therapy.

There is no other pump like Bathmate, that can guarantee the penis growth without side effects or discomfort. You will see the first penis enlargement results in a few days.

Visit Bathmate official site to find out why more than 1 000 000 of men all around the world use this pump to make their penis bigger both in length and width.”

#1. Bathmate penis enlargement pump

Rank: #1
Success rate: 92%
Customers: 1 250 000

Benefits: permanent penis enlargement, erection improvement
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (UK)
First results:  1 day
Max results: 180 days (4 inches)
Money back: 60 days
Approved by: Aspen Clinical Research
Side effects: Absent
Warranty: 3 years
Prices:  Original Hydro7 Pump ($110), Hydromax series ($139-$199),  HydroXtreme series($249-399)
Official site:

#2. Penomet hydro pump

Rank: #2
Success rate: 89%
500 000
Benefits: penis enhancement and erection improvement
Manufacturer: Arctic Sea Limited(Iceland)
First results:  1 day
Max results: 180 days (3 inches in length and 30% in girth)
Money back: 60 days
Medical certificates: CE Marking, SGS Certification
Materials: high quality
Warranty: 3 years
Prices:  Penomet standard$127
Official site:

Hydro Penis Enlargement Pump Advantages

  • If you use the Bathmate Hydromax pump regularly for several months (the optimal period is seven months), you can achieve a lifelong, stable result. The tissues of the genital organ grow, increasing their size by 2-5 cm. The girth becomes larger as well.
  • Other methods of eliminating the problems of penis size (surgery, hormonal medication) are fraught with complications, while the pump is much safer as compared to them. Its effect is aimed directly on the focus of the problem – the penis, without affecting other organs and systems.
  • Having bought a Bathmate pump just once, a man won’t have to spend another penny throughout the course of therapy. On the other hand, tablets, creams, and gels have to be purchased multiple times, which results in significant expenditure.
  • The Bathmate top pump allows men suffering from the issue of short sexual intercourse and premature ejaculation to take control of all processes and to significantly prolong the duration of intercourse.
  • The Bathmate pump can help you to correct the curvature of your penis.
  • Pumping can prevent the development of diseases of the genitourinary system, impotence, and other erectile dysfunctions. Just a few minutes of pumping a day are enough to “train” your penis in such a way that the onset of age-related male impotence will be postponed by several years.
  • The best penis enlargement pumps like Bathmate make the penis not only thicker and longer but also healthier. Regular stimulation of the blood circulation triggers regenerative processes in the organ, restoring the tissues and making them more elastic.


Even those men who currently experience no genital problems can use the pump for preventive purposes. Try pumping before sex to surprise your partner with new sensations.

How Long Until I See the Results?

Once again, this depends on the user’s initial goal. If you aim to increase the length and girth of your penis by a few inches, you will have to be patient and get ready to use Bathmate during the 3 months period.

On various related forums, you can see men sharing their successful experiences with Bathmate. They argue that you have to engage in pumping every day for a year in order to obtain a stable, lifelong result.

However, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the man’s body.  Some men noticed a 1.5 inches increase in penis length after just three months of using the pump. Some other users had to practice for a year to achieve a similar effect .

Brief Statistics
In the entire history of the pumping technique, the most significant result was enlarging the penis from 15 cm to 22 cm. But this is an exception rather than the rule. The average result is magnifying the penis length by 7 cm.

However, this figure is quite impressive as well. Keep in mind this extension is achieved in a natural way, by stretching the spongy tissue, without dangerous surgical interventions.

Of course, if you use both the Bathmate pump and other penis enlargement methods, the results will come much faster.

You can alternate between a pump and an extender(Phallosan Forte, Penimaster ProQuick Extender ProSizeGenetics, Jes Extender, Phallosan ForteMaleEdg). Safe creams, gels(VigRx Oil, Prosolution Gel, Maxoderm), and tableted remedies for penis enlargement(Vigrx Plus, NeoSize XL, Male Extra) and erectile issues will also bring the desired effect.


The average duration of regular pumping which is necessary to achieve a stable result is three to seven months.

But you can adjust the duration of this therapy, taking into consideration your own sensations and the transformations of your organ.

Where to Buy Penis Pumps?

Today, there’s an abundance of such products on the market. Pumps are used not only as a means of eliminating erectile dysfunction but also as a toy for sexual pleasure.

The high popularity of such devices has a flip side: the large quantities of fake products. To avoid this pitfall, you should purchase the Bathmate or Penomet only from the official sites and

Poor-quality products are made of low-grade plastic that can crumble under the influence of low pressure. Such a turn of events is fraught with injuries.

But how do you distinguish a fake product from the original?

Never buy a pump from a street vendor, as they likely sell penis pumps without appropriate quality certificates and other documents that guarantee the safety of the product.


The manufacturers’ official websites and licensed pharmacies sell products that meet all appropriate standards and requirements.

Official distributors always provide the necessary certificates and other accompanying documents for the products they offer.

If you decide to buy a Bathmate or Penomet, it’s better to contact a legitimate representative of the manufacturer. Such products are designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction and more.

Stop ignoring this issue and hoping it will disappear without any action on your part. You can greatly improve the quality of your life with the help of the latest developments, such as the Bathmate and Penomet hydro-pumps or the AndroVacuum pump.

Best Penis Enlargement Pumps Usage


Brief Statistics
About 45% of men suffering from an insufficient penis size never try to solve this problem.

They withdraw into themselves and try to cope with their sense of sexual inadequacy alone. This may lead to depression and other malfunctions of the body and mind.

According to statistics, a few months of using the Bathmate Hydromax penis enlargement pump regularly can fully solve this delicate issue. However, if you want to achieve positive results, you should use the device regularly and have plenty of patience.

The effect of the first pumping sessions quickly recedes, so it’s necessary to continue the pumping practice in order to consolidate the results and the centimeters obtained.

 You can use the Bathmate Hydromax pump as an auxiliary method for boosting the effect of your penis enlargement tablets like Vigrx Plus or creams(VigRx Oil, Prosolution Gel). 

Of course, such combining of techniques will deliver a stabler result faster. Pumping will help make the results last a lifetime because the tissues that build up during these sessions will never vanish.

Why the Pump Is Worth Buying

  • A few months of regular Bathmate pumping will solve your issue of insufficient length and girth of the penis;
  • You’ll have an unforgettable experience of enlarging your penis without surgery;
  • Your partner will appreciate the stunning transformation of your penis;
  • The psychological issues related to a small penis size will disappear;
  • A rich and healthy sex life will lead to stability in all spheres of the man’s life.

In addition, the use of this device is exceptionally safe, provided that you follow the instructions during your sessions.

The stable erection a man receives from pumping gives him confidence in his sexual vigor.

And with a Bathmate penis enlargement hydro-pump, you can practice pumping sessions while taking a bath or a showerClick here to choose the Bathmate pump.

Hydro pumps vs. AndroVacuum

First of all, it’s necessary to understand the principle of operation in all these devices. They are based on the suction principle, as a high pressure is created inside the cylinder.

As a result, the penis becomes larger in terms of both length and diameter.

Air (vacuum) pumps, such as the AndroVacuum, work by the principle of creating air pressure. As a result, the cavernous bodies of the penis fill with blood and grow in size.

You should apply a lubricant before using such a device. Previously, most penis enlargement pumps were based on the air pressure principle.

Sometimes the penis may darken after a pumping session, as a result of a burst capillary. If a man goes overboard with the device, his penis may even swell.

Therefore, it’s crucial to closely monitor the pumping process, paying attention to any discomfort. As soon as an unpleasant sensation occurs, immediately stop the session.

Men have been using this penis enlargement device for over a decade. However, manufacturers discovered that water was even better than air and offered their customers the Bathmate and Penomet hydro-pumps.

You can use the best hydro-pumps while taking a bath or a shower. Warm water has a beneficial effect on the penile tissues, preparing them for stretching. It eliminates the likelihood of micro-injuries to the skin of the penis head and shaft.

The well-designed pumps do not allow for the creation of too low a pressure, which could cause micro-injuries.

Did You Know?
If you compare air and water pumps(BathmatePenomet ), the second option is considered less traumatic and safer. The water makes the process of stretching less intense, preventing the capillaries from bursting and the penis from swelling.

What Is a Penis Pump?

What’s the best penis pump like? It consists of a plastic cylinder, a pressurizing device, and a valve. Once you use the pump, the effect takes place almost instantly.

However, the penis will return to its initial size after a while, so it’s better to engage in pumping regularly, which ensures the results are consolidated.

Below is a list of information about the use of this device:

  • The Bathmate Hydromax is a medical product. It’s intended for the treatment of impotence of any type. If a man has weak or no erections, the pump will solve his issue.
  • Insufficient penis length. When the penile tissues are continuously subjected to stretching, they begin to grow. The head becomes larger, the supporting ligaments stretch, and the cells multiply, increasing the penis length by up to four centimeters.
  • Insufficient penis girth. If the reproductive organ is small in diameter, daily pumping can significantly increase this parameter. The device impacts the cavernous bodies, expanding them. After the first use of the pump, the effect lasts for up to five hours. Regular pumping causes hyperplasia of the penile tissues, multiplying the number of cells. Each pumping session boosts the absorption capacity of the spongy tissues so that they can accommodate even more blood.
  • Premature ejaculation. Pumping trains the muscle responsible for ejaculation. After several sessions, the man can easily control the ejaculation process.
  • The Bathmate Hydromax is an excellent preventative against diseases of the genitourinary system.


Many men use the best pump (Bathmate Hydromax) as a sex toy. After all, positive results are noticeable even after a single session.

Their sex partners note that pumping results in more enjoyable and satisfying sexual intercourse, giving new sensations to both male and female partners.

After all, the penis becomes larger in terms of both girth and length, which definitely has an effect on intercourse. In addition, pumping boosts the man’s sexual stamina. Visit the official Bathmate website to learn more.

How Do Penis Pumps Work?


Air pumps like the AndroVacuum utilize air pressure to enlarge the penis. When the penis is in the cylinder, the air is pumped out to create a vacuum. The low-pressure atmosphere inside the cylinder causes an intense influx of lymph to the penis and an increase in the internal blood pressure.

How Best Water Pump Works

  • Carefully place the cylinder filled with warm water over the penis from the bottom up.
  • Turn the pump over quickly. Press its base against the pubic bone.
  • Press on the pump lightly to remove the excess water from the cylinder.
  • Let go of the pump so that the tube restores its shape, creating a vacuum.
  • You will be able to see your penis grow in size and straighten as a result of the cavernous tissues being filled with blood.
  • You can observe the size transformation of your penis using the measuring scale located on the cylinder.

When the pressure in the cylinder goes down, you can press the pump a few times to increase it. A pumping session should not exceed 20 minutes.

During the first few days, it’s enough to engage in pumping for 5-10 minutes, gradually prolonging the duration of your sessions. To finish the procedure, press the valve, which will let air inside and release the water.

After each session, wash the device thoroughly with water and soap and dry it. You can use the Bathmate Hydromax both in the bathroom and in the shower.


The male genital organ consists of two outer layers of spongy tissue, which are responsible for erecting the penis.

In the middle, there is the spermiducal canal. When the cavernous (spongy) bodies are filled with blood, it results in an erection.

When you use a vacuum or hydro-pump, it stimulates the blood circulation in the cavernous bodies, engaging the parts of them that were unused previously.

This creates an erection effect and gradually increases the size of the penis. In addition, regular pumping prevents degenerative changes in male genitals.

Penis Enlargement Pump Benefits

 Hydro-pumps and vacuum pumps are an affordable and effective way to solve issues of the insufficient size of the male genital organ .

Experts usually recommend using a penis pump in combination with male enhancement tablets(VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus) or products applied locally (creams, gels) for maximum effectiveness. However, the pump is also effective as a monotherapy option.


Penis Pumping Techniques


Those who prefer vacuum air pumps are recommended to use special lubricants that minimize the friction between the penis and the wall of the cylinder.

Quick Note
Pumping is a well-known way to increase the size of the genitals and the body muscles. However, this method is usually targeted at solving issues related to the size of the penis.

Before starting a pumping session, the user is recommended to do the following exercise.

Grab the penis with your thumb and forefinger, closing them in a ring, and start stroking it in a rubbing fashion. This will prepare your penis for the sensation of the pump.

There are different pumping techniques. It all depends on what results the user expects to obtain. If he needs to enlarge the penis in terms of length and volume, the classic technique will be effective: applying negative pressure to the penis for 20 minutes at a time.

If you are going to use the top penis pump as a preventive measure, the sessions don’t have to last as long: 5-10 minutes will suffice.

Those who use the pump as a sex toy for enhancing sensation during sex can practice gentler pumping, trying five minutes at a time.

This will be sufficient to obtain a short-term penis enlargement effect. In addition, pumping makes the skin of the genital organs very sensitive, which boosts the sensations during intercourse and makes the orgasm stronger and more sensual.

Are Penis Enlargement Pumps Safe?

Many men can’t bring themselves to resort to this option, fearing its use might result in complications. The air vacuum device can cause red dots on the skin of the penis due to burst capillaries.

Potential side effects of using a vacuum pump are bruises, short-term numbness, and pain sensations. In order to prevent such symptoms, you should follow the instructions strictly during your pumping sessions.

As soon as you feel any unpleasant sensations, stop the session immediately.

Such issues rarely occur if you use a hydro-pump. The water makes the effect of pumping gentler. If your skin is particularly sensitive, it’s recommended that you only use a hydro-pump like the  Bathmate or Penomet.

To prevent the scrotum from getting into the cylinder, you should pull it down a little while placing the base of the device over your pubic area. Some users remove the hair, believing this increases the effectiveness of pumping.

However, shaving your pubic area is unnecessary and superfluous, according to experts.

Do not use Pump

  • If you take blood-thinning medication;
  • If you suffer from sickle-cell anemia;
  • If you suffer from any blood disorders (poor coagulation, random bleeding);
  • If you are of a very old age.

Do not expose the penis to negative pressure for too long, as this increases the risk of potential side effects. As in any therapy, practice pumping in moderation and with regularity.

If the session is carried out correctly, there should be no uncomfortable sensations. The use of a pump is much safer than undergoing a surgical intervention or taking chemical-based tablets.


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